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My Experience

  • Michael Birch is a construction law attorney that has the experience to prevent and settle disputes. Building & Construction issues should not be overlooked, otherwise the consequences can be severe. Michael has the experience to represent construction industry clients with contract issues and litigation. His legal skills in and out of the court are extensive, handing complex challenges, negotiating and preparing contracts and working closely with all parties involved to ensure positive results.
  • Michael Birch is a Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Sydney that has the understanding and knowledge to legally represent business owners, delivering excellent results. Business law is complex, with many challenging issues that require solutions. The legal structure and operation of your business is crucial. Michael’s priority is to keep businesses from litigation, without undermining the goals and objectives of the company. With innovative solutions and affordable rates, your company can be protected with identified risks minimised.
  • Michael Birch is an expert conveyancer that specialises in commercial and residential real estate. Michael assists clients with the best advice, guidance and representation in buying and selling houses, land and commercial real estate. As an expert conveyancer, he ensures the success of his clients' transactions. His services include reviewing and advising clients on their contract of sale, assisting with special conditions and negotiations, as well as preparing contract of sale and drafts for clients, explaining all legal issues and ensuring the best terms and conditions are reached for a solid investment or sell.
  • Michael Birch is a probate, estate and will lawyer in Sydney that ensures the security of your family once you are gone. His services include the preparation of wills, establishing powers of attorney, establishing trusts, and executive services that offer the peace of mind that you have prepared for your family's future.
  • Protecting your future offers the peace of mind that you will have the care you require in the time of an unexpected trauma or illness. Michael Birch is a Sydney lawyer that specialises in powers of attorney and enduring guardianship, helping his clients to plan ahead by taking the steps to identify and appoint the most suitable person to trust in a time that you will need care. His services include ensuring that your best lifestyle and health are considered and that you have the care you need should you lose your mental capacity or fall ill.